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The members of the movement believe that Hungary needs a new political culture. To achieve this, they welcome every decent Hungarian who is interested in change.

The short-term goal of the movement is to have one mayoral candidate against the candidate of the state party in as many cities and villages as possible. There are already some best practices: in 2014 in Siófok, an independent candidate won the local elections, in the 2015 by-election for a parliamentary seat, an independent managed to defeat the governing party thus ending the two-thirds majority of Fidesz. Then in 2018, a Fidesz stronghold, Hódmezővásárhely, was taken by an independent mayoral candidate who was supported by all the opposition parties. In the same year two more local by-elections were won by the opposition the same way, one in Rákospalota and one in Balmazújváros. These examples have taught us that the state party can only be defeated with co-operation. Those who will run their own candidates in the future without a broad consensus will contribute to maintaining the system of corruption, intimidation, kleptocracy and paternalism.

The founders of the movement are: Dr. Péter Márki-Zay, Dr. Ákos Hadházy, Dr. Júlia Ábrahám, Dr. Péter Ákos Bod, István Elek, Dr. Jenő Kaltenbach, Zoltán Kész, Dr. Róbert Lengyel, Katalin Lukácsi, Dr. György Magyar, Dr. Tamás Mellár, Gábor Üveges

The movement will build a bridge between different parties and ideologies. We believe that no matter which political side one comes from as we all want an honest and decent Hungary, which can become a Hungary for All.

Since its foundation at the end of 2018, more than 5,000 people have joined the movement and 650 local chapters have been created in such a short period.

President - Dr. Péter Márki-Zay

A father of seven, he comes from a conservative Christian family. Before entering politics, he worked for multinational companies and also spent five years in North America. On February 25, 2018, he won a crucial victory in the city of Hódmezővásárhely against the candidate of Fidesz for mayor. Although the city has traditionally been one the major strongholds of the state party, he managed to secure his victory by uniting all the opposition parties behind him, which had been unprecedented before. His win showed the recipe for the opposition but they failed to follow his example in the national elections. Péter Márki-Zay has founded Hungary for All with the intention to help the opposition to come to agreements for the local elections in 2019.

Katalin Lukácsi

former member of the Christian Democratic Party. Active in Catholic and Jewish circles.

Zoltán Kész

independent MP from 2015 to 2018. He is well-known for securing a historic victory against Fidesz at a by-election in 2015 and ended the two-thirds majority of the government.

Dr. György Magyar

Well-known lawyer.

dr. Róbert Lengyel

independent mayor of Siófok since 2014.

László Tikk

organization developer

Gábor Üveges

independent mayor of Hernádszentandrás since 2006.

The 12 points of the movement

1. Rule of law with a new constitution and a fair electoral system

Hungary should be a place where citizens are not dependants, and where they do not suffer from decisions but make them. A fair electoral system and a whole system of guarantees secures that it will never happen again that a small political group monopolizes power and the wealth and honor of the nation!

2. Equality before the law

Chief Prosecutor Peter Polt has to be removed. We have to create a politically independent and corruption-free prosecution, initiate the creation of an authoritative EU criminal investigation unit, and we have to join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. Letting criminals get away, prosecuting or imprisoning innocent people based on party interest of the prosecution should not happen again!

3. Accountability and taking-back the national wealth

Gaining wealth through corruption, discovery of stooge systems and taking back the stolen wealth for the nation. This point is excessively important because of the nation’s sense of justice, the most popular political program point is: “You will serve your time!”

4. Freedom of the press and the closing of state financed lie-factories

We need to stop the state coordinated harassment and threatening of journalists and maintaining and financing lie-factories. We need to limit and regulate state ads in the media.

5. We belong to the West, not the East

Even St. Stephen I. marked Hungary’s spot in the West. In the last century Rakosi and Kadar, recently Orban tried to change this. We have had enough instigation against our western Christian allies and befriending with Asian dictators. More Europe, less Putin!

6. Reviewing secret contracts

Regarding Paks 2, Orban made a contract with Putin which puts the interests of the Russian empire ahead of our nation and makes a huge dept for generations. Similarly, a contract about a Budapest-Belgrade speed railway, bypassing Szeged and Kecskemet, financed from Chinese loan, also serves foreign interests. Down with personal enrichment, and a policy which creates debts and makes our nation the subjects of foreign interests

7. Predictable economic environment, real market economy, free competition

A strong competition authority should guard over a fair and politically-free economic competition. We want to live in a country where the government chases and not helps corruption, where the base of success is creativity and hard-work, not political connections. This is the key to keep up with the other countries in our region and how we can go ahead and rise to the top where we were twenty years ago.

8. Introducing the euro as soon as possible

As the ordeal of foreign currency loans showed, in a small and open economy, maintaining your own currency is risky and expensive. After a short transition time, the euro will stabilize the economy, and will lead to catching up with the most advanced countries in European integration, helping our competitiveness and marketability.

9. Fixing the education and health care system

We need to start reforming education and health care immediately, making it up-to-date, while providing extra financial support to both branches. Education has to provide equality, social mobility, and to give both nationally and internationally relevant and up-to-date knowledge. In health care, we must eliminate corruption and we have to protect every citizen’s health, so that no patient dies as well as no doctor flees Hungary.

10. Public agent files without compromises and exceptions

Almost thirty years after the transition, agent files are still kept under the control of a small political elite. Full publicity ends blackmailing which was a common weapon of recent governments.

11. Real nation politics

The Orban-regime causes blood loss like the Versailles Treaty or the world wars did. Hundreds of thousands have emigrated from Hungary because of the lack of vision in our future and the decaying financial and political relations. We need to create a country where coming home is worthy enough. Hungarians in the neighboring countries shouldn’t be the victims of petty political games, they should be proud of their economically successful motherland, and this way, halt the assimilation of our fellow Hungarians living in the neighboring countries.

12. Protection of our borders from illegal immigrants and from criminals with settlement bonds imported by Orban

Only those should be allowed to settle down who our nation needs. FIDESZ promotes in their hate-campaigns that they don’t want to be an immigrant country, but when it has something to do with the enrichment of its leaders, they fail to follow their own promises. We do not blame them for housing immigrants, but it is infuriating that they indebted the treasury by giving away settlement bonds to mostly Arabic, Russian and Chinese immigrants sometimes with criminal record.